StormWalker co.

  • Tools
    Vue / JavaScript / PHP / MySQL / Heroku
  • Position
    Front-end Developer
  • Completed
    January 2019 - March 2019
  • GitHub


StormWalker co. is a barbershop website developed during the forth term at BCIT. With a team of three, Bryan, Matei and I, we are require to create both admin and client side website at the end of March. In three months of developing, I took part of front-end developer for this project and assisted Matei, back-end developer, with the back-end developing.


We used Vue to develope the front-end and PHP to develope the back-end for the project. We chose Vue as our main developing programs because it was a requirment to use it for the course. As the proccess of developing in Vue, I had learnt that it is a great tools for front-end developing. Having the router to navigate pages really simplify the proccess of developing in HTML5, and it saved alot of time. Creating the function is also straight forward and really simple that you just have to create the data and make a function that you want in methods. For the back-end developing we use heroku to store our data so that we can fetch our data easily and post it on our web page. The only problem that we had is that Vue does not have a good refreshing function. When we tried to update our data, we will have to manually refresh the web page in order to see the data we stored. We had added a function called this.$router.go(this.$router.currentRoute);" and it works fine at our localhost, but not when we hosted onto heroku app. Also, the navigation we used "this.$router.push('/myPath');", but it didn't function properly when we hosted onto heroku app. From the research we found that a lot of people did had the same problem because it will clear the router data once those functions were activated. If we had more time to finish the project and relize sooner, we could have use globel variable to pass on the number to change pages. I used sessionStorage to make sure that is properly display the clients or the admins.


Within my team, we had a balanced skill set that can devide the role equally. With the skill we had acquire from BCIT; we knew what we will require to develope the app. Although we did not have strong experience with Vue, from the researches and the lessons we could easily understand the usage of Vue.

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