Interactive Web App

  • Tools
    JavaScript / HTML5 / CSS3 / Illustrator
  • Position
    Front-end Developer / Graphic Designer
  • Completed
    March 2018 - April 2018
  • GitHub


This was a final project for our web development class during second term at BCIT. We were given to choose either a functional form or an interactive website; I chose to make an interactive website. I used HTML5 to place all the images and CSS3 to position all the images. All the interaction come from JavaScript which is the biggest part that make the web interactive. The purpuse for this web is to interact with the puppy and the elements around him.

How Does It Work

On the selecting page, you are require to select either pug or chihuahua. After you the selection it the start button will appear. When you press start it will leads you to the landing page. At the landing page, you can click the house to turn on and off the light; click the sun or moon to change the daytime. You can also select an item at the vending machine and feed it to the puppy.

You can try it by clicking below.