Printer Illustration

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    Graphic Designer
  • Completed
    February 2018


This is one of the assignment for our vector class using the area of 1300 pixels by 900 pixels to draw a mechanical device. The purpose of this assignment is to become adept using the shape, transform, basic attributes, pathfinder and path tools to draw a complex illustration. I had chose a printer to be my mechanical device.

Original Photo


When I chose printer as my drawing; I was struggling with what should I start first. I started with the printer dashboard, drawing the pad, keypad, power button, screen and home button. While drawing the items I choose the colour and added to my colour swatch and apply it with the gradient choosing the colour from the swatches. And repeat the same proccess for the rest of the printer. My struggle when I drew the left-side and right-side of printer are the details of hightlight from the ink-open and the USB plug area, but I still manage to make it as close as possible to the original photo.

Swatches Panel

Layers Panel

Final Result