Tigat Movie Poster

  • Tools
  • Position
    Graphic Designer
  • Completed
    October 2018


The poster was one of the photoshop assignment created druing the thrid term at BCIT. We are assigned to create a 4” x 6”, 250ppi image either portrait or landscape orientation and combine two animals to become one animal. The combined animal will be placed in a new background. The creature you created will be given a name and will be a marketing poster.

Design Proccess

I chose white tiger and bat to be my combined creature. First, I masked the tiger by using the channels panel to highlight the tiger and darken the background. After the adjustment, I used magic wand tool to select the background and reverse the selection to select the tiger in order to mask it. I used the same proccess masking the bat wings. Second, I combine the tiger and the bat wings together and place it to the forest background I chose. I set the colour black brush to multiply and 10% opacity to apply shadow to the creature. Also, set the colour white brush to multiply and 10% opacity to apply some light and adjusted the hue/saturation to the forest background. Lastly, I named the creature "Tigat", a combine name of tiger and bat, and used IM FELL French Canon SC for my font style.


With the retouched shadow on Tigat and the light from the background, it make the creature feels more alive.