Receipt Keeping Mobile Application

  • Tools
    React / Redux / PHP / SQL / JavaScript / Android Studio / Heroku
  • Position
    Team Lead / Front-end / Back-end / Idea Provider
  • Completed
    September 2018 - December 2018
  • GitHub


Keeper is a receipt keeping application and it can also do budgeting for the user. Once the user successfully login to keeper, they can simply start adding receipt by taking the picture of the receipt and input the purchase price, date, return date, catergories and place of purchase. Also the user can set up the currency and budget they would like for the current month. The budget will be calculated everytime the user add a receipt.


The original idea of Keeper was that when you go to a store to make a purchase, the store will ask for the email so that you can receive an e-receipt. Because the app is connected to your email, any e-receipts you received will go to Keeper and it will help the user organize the e-receipts. So basically Keeper is acting like an email but only keeping the receipts, so user can easily find their receipt in the app instead finding it in their email. We didn’t have this kind of knowledge to create this kind of function. Even if it were possible, it’d be difficult to do a user testing. So we tweaked our idea just simply take picture and input information to fit our knowledge. We also added a budget function so the app can also help user to do budgeting. The designs were made based on what we believe our target audience would want, and that’s simplicity and efficiency. We made it so that each feature is easily accessible at the touch of a button and that each icon is straightforward enough for the user to quickly view and understand.

User Personas

Task Models


We initially make it when you login to the app, the camera would be our landing page similar to snapchat. Making it so the user could just easily take a shot of the receipt and save it into their library. After a discussion with the team, we decided to change the landing page only to show the receipts because we figure that the purpose for this app is to keep the receipt and find it easily. We changed it so the user will see their receipts fisrt when they open the application.


With team of four, we had three months to finish the project and the roles I took in this project was the front-end and back-end developer. In addition, I was also the project manager for the team and assisted with the design. Since our team only have android phone, we developed keeper only for Android. Although none of us were comfortable with the back-end developing, with team communication and the resources from BCIT we managed to make the back-end development successful. We used SQL to set up our database and used Heroku to keep our database so it would not be local only. By using PHP we can easily store the user information and receipts into our database. We also used PHP to fecth the receipts from the database to display on the screen. With the help from the UI designers, we can easily develope the front-end with React.


After three months of hardship developing Keeper, we finally get to present Keeper to people from industry, students and our instructors. With the teamwork we had when developing keeper, I have gain a lot of experience such as, the gain of knowledge at the programming languages, the important to communicate well with your team members, and the skill of being a project manager. With these experience I am confidence to complete any future projects I will receive.

You can download Keeper in Google play store