Twice 2D Graphic Video

  • Tools
    After Effect / Illustrator
  • Position
    Graphic Designer
  • Completed
    April 2018 - May 2018


The video was one of the assignment created druing the second term at BCIT. We are assigned to create a minimum 30 second 2D motion graphic video using After Effect and Illustrator.

Design Proccess

I chose to recreate a TT music video by Twice, a korean group. First, I drew the pumpkin that when the mouth open the group will be dancing inside. I drew the top and bottom of the pumpkin so I could do the mouth opening animation by changing the position and width in After Effect. Second, I drew the group members starting with the youngest member in the group. I had made sure to seperate all my layers so I could do the animation later and continued doing the same. After I finished drawing all the assets I needed, I imported in After Effect with composition-retain layer sizes so it will seperate all the layers I already created in Illustrator. The animations I had changed are the rotation, width and position, also I fixed the graph editer to fix the speed so it feels smooth. The door opening was changed in 3D mode with the Y-axis rotation. Lastly, I did some expression so the items would be looping.


If I would have more time, I would try to draw out all the rest of the members and I would figure out a way to easier animate their dance. I would fix my graphic to be more appealing and animate it more smoothly.

Layers Panel