Cherry Blossom Festival Poster

  • Tools
    Photoshop / Illustrator
  • Position
    Graphic Designer
  • Completed
    November 2018


The poster was one of the assignment created druing the thrid term at BCIT. We are assigned to create a 8.75" x 11.25" inches at 300ppi using photos, vector graphics, layer styles, custom brushes, and layer styles in Photoshop to create a poster.

Design Proccess

When the assignment was given, I wanted to create something that related to Japan. One of the famous event in Japan is cherry blossom festival that will only happen once a year. I chose to design a cherry blossom festival poster because I really like the theme and the feel of the event. I used purple and pink gradient to be my background and the two photos I chose is the famous Mount Fuji and Torii Gate, which both represent Japan well. I used overlay for the Mount Fuji photo and color dodge for the Torii Gate photo so it can mix well with the background also can see the photo. I created a vector cherry blossom and made it into a brush. The brush setting I had changed are the shape dynamic and the scattering to make it feel like the cherry blossom is falling of the tree by the wind. Also, change the color dynamic and opacity jitter to make the cherry blossom more dynamic and visual appealing. I chose Quicksand to be my font style and added effect to it. I had created vector fan and clip it with a paper texture photo to create a paper fan and used hue and saturation to change it colour.


The first version I created the feedback I recieved was it too clutter and messy. I had improved by trying to reposition all the elements so it would have more white space between the elements and decrease the clutterness.

Layers Panel